Five smooth stones. That’s all David had as he faced off the giant. As he stood against the threat to his home. He refused the armor, he refused the sword and shield and the King’s protection. He stood against this threat with five stones and a shepherd’s background.

As a kid, I was taught to focus on David’s experience as a shepherd. How he would have faced plenty of threats and wild beasts in protecting his flock. As a kid, I focused on how David knew the power behind his slingshot and faced the giant without fear.

Now, as I look on it, I see the story in a new light. That puts a little less of the glory on David. David took the slingshot because that’s all he knew. But he wasn’t relying on his arm or those stones, he was relying on God. He was setting an example before Israel and her army that it didn’t matter how mighty you seemed, but who you put your trust in. And this was just the beginning for David. God had big plans for him, and this wouldn’t be the only giant he faced.

It’s so easy to forget who is in control. To forget who created the universe. We look around at the world around us and see giants. There is so much strife and turmoil and pain that doubt enters our minds and hearts.

Doubt clouds the mind. It makes us uncertain and question and weakens our faith. It’s one of the easiest tricks the enemy can use to trip us in our faith, to have us question our abilities, our worth, and our actions.

More importantly, doubt questions God.

When we lose sight of the cross and look to the waves, we forget who controls the waves. We forget the amazing things God has orchestrated in our lives. Left on our own, we can’t do it.

Whether or not David had doubts as he faced the Philistines is unclear. Scripture doesn’t give us an in-depth look into David’s thoughts. Regardless, it does give us a closer look at his actions. Doubt can be crippling if we allow it to fester, just look at the Israelite army, they were shaking! But David said no. My God is bigger than my fear. My God is bigger than my failures and shortcomings. My God is bigger than the giant that I face.

And the rest is history. David followed God. He tripped at times, he failed spectacularly at different points, but he continued in his pursuit. He continued to come back to a place of fully trusting in God. As we pursue Christ, our mindset should be the same. There will be moments of doubt. There will be moments of failure. But our God is bigger than all that. And He reigns over all the earth.