Every mother can relate to the challenges of laundry. As I raised five children, I loathed the loads and never ending loads of tiny clothes.  The abundance of socks that needed matching. The food and grass stains that required attention. Not to mention my husband’s dress shirts that had to be pressed.

My pride generally got the best of me when it came to the appearance of my family: the four girls in pretty matching dresses for church on Sundays and the boy in coordinating colors. Some mornings felt like we were dressing for battle. The crusade to find that other shoe, the conflict for one of the children to just cooperate and put their shoes on. Faces to wash, teeth to brush, hair to comb.

Looking back I almost miss those days, almost. One thing I can tell you with certainty. We were entrenched in warfare. Not just with my pride, but with an enemy who wanted to keep our family from the place where we gained the weapons we needed for combat.

As I consider the countless loads of laundry, I wish my focus had been more on what God’s word encourages us to wear. Colossians 3:12, “…clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.”  I would encourage moms in the laundry crusade as they attempt to match those socks, to pray God would match our hearts with His tenderhearted mercy. As attempts are made to remove stains, that His kindness and humility would replace a prideful spirit. And if anyone is still ironing, that with each wrinkle removed, gentleness and patience would overflow.