The New Testament is very important to the Christian Faith. It is a part of the Holy Scriptures and therefore “breathed out” by God, just as the Old Testament books were. The Holy Scriptures as a whole provide us what we need to know about salvation and how to live a godly life. They proclaim truth and are written revelation of God.

The Scriptures were originally not written in English, but were written in three different languages across various periods of time. Most of the Old Testament was written in Ancient Hebrew. The rest of the Old Testament, a little over 250 verses, was written in Aramaic. When it comes to the New Testament, the entirety of the work was written in what is called Koine Greek.

Why was the NT written in Koine Greek? And why is that important to me? The NT was written in Koine Greek because that was the primary language that was used during the time of Jesus and the apostles. The Greek language had spread through much of “the known world.” In fact, the word “Koine” means common. The Greek language from that particular time is called Common Greek because it was such a widespread language. Most people throughout the Roman Empire could speak Koine Greek at that time.

With that said, we still have the question, why is that important to me? It matters because the Holy Scriptures were able to travel quickly throughout a lot of the world. Can you imagine if Paul had written to gentile congregations in Hebrew? What would have happened if the Gospel of Mark went to the Christians in Rome written in Hebrew? They would not have known what it said. They would not have been encouraged to persevere during the hard trials they were going through. They would not have been able to fight the heresies that were spreading like gangrene in the churches. It was no accident that the NT was written in Common Greek; God had these men write in Greek so that His Word would be carried to the Nations. He did not just want the Jewish people to know Christ but people from every tribe, tongue, and people group. God displayed his love to the world through giving his revelation not just to the Jews but also to the gentiles.

We must take note of the heart and character of God. We must understand that God sends his word to the entire world. We are not to keep it to ourselves. We are blessed because God has given the Church faithful men who have translated the Bible into English. Yet, there is a great burden on my heart as a Christian who loves God’s Word; there are still people groups in the world who do not have a Bible in their own language. We can support Christian missionaries who translate the Bible into these peoples’ languages, and we can pray for these translations to be completed and sent out.

Grace and Peace,
Clint Crawford