Spring Forward or Fall Back. Mention one of these phrases and chances are you will be met with resistance. Why are we so adverse to change? We like our routine. We like the places we go and the people we go there with. It is comfortable.

As we go about joyfully making disciples, we are called to get out of that comfort zone. Matthew 5:1 tells us the disciples came to Jesus on the mountain and in Matthew 8:18 Jesus gave orders to depart to the other side of the sea. The disciples got out of their comfort zone and followed Jesus, and being with Him changed who they were. He taught them. He challenged them. Climbing a mountain is hard work.

But Jesus made it worth it when He taught them at the top of that mountain. Sometimes building relationship feels like climbing a mountain, but it’s worth it when spiritual growth is the product. Departing to the other side of the sea? Verse 23 tells us that they took a trip in a boat. Not just any trip. In verse 24, a great storm arose on the sea, so that the boat was covered in waves. Not very comfortable. There will be times in our relationships where we go through great storms. But as we seek Jesus’ comfort together, we see that He calms the winds and the sea. The challenge? Follow Jesus up that mountain; out on that boat. Invite someone who you do not know well to accompany you to a place that’s new.

Climbing that mountain is hard work, but the result is infinitely better than we can ever imagine.