Have you ever had those moments where God subtly reminds you that He doesn’t fit in the box you made for Him? It’s a constant struggle, trying to make the all-knowing and all-powerful God fit into worldly demands and expectations.

Elijah had this kind of reminder in 1 King 19. This chapter shows God’s sovereignty and our own call of faith. Elijah sets the stage with fear and doubt, running to God because of the threat of what man might do to him. Yet just moments before, he was the witness and instrument of God’s amazing power. Fire rained down from the heavens! It must have been an incredible display, but Elijah finds himself doubting God’s abilities to protect and provide.

God had every right to be annoyed, to be angry or disappointed with His servant. Elijah was either showing a lack of trust in God’s faithfulness or showing arrogance in telling God what He should do.

And God came to him in a whisper.

What an amazing response. The same God who sends fire down from the heavens, who can part the seas and lead by pillars of cloud and fire, this very same God created the universe with a few words. This is the same God who sent His Son to Earth as a baby. This is the same God who can calm the seas with the sound of His voice.

Too often we forget that there is faith and power in the quiet moments just as much as the grand displays. We find ourselves questioning the validity of a moment because the Creator of the universe could not possibly notice this small, insignificant situation that we find ourselves in.

But God cares about the details. He cares about the frustrations at work. The morning routines. The myriad of life decisions we face each day.

What’s even more amazing? He wants us to care for those little details too.

He wants us to listen to his still, soft voice just as often as we listen to the booming declarations. He wants us to know Him so completely and be so in tune with His voice that, when the moment is right, we don’t need a second reminder.

I know I am guilty of seeing amazing examples of those serving in ministry abroad that I overlook the ministry right in front of me. I’m too busy looking at the inferno that I miss the whisper. With that, I miss an opportunity. I miss the opportunity to share, to disciple, to reach out, to comfort, to find others who are struggling.

God is in the small things of life just as He is in the great. As we go for our morning coffee or make light conversation with coworkers in the break room, do we listen for God’s direction then?

God won’t fit in the box we’ve made but if we are faithful and follow His voice, an amazing, disciple-making journey awaits us.